In defence of Trenbolone.

A couple of years ago a study came out that was attributing neurodegenerative effects on threnbolone. It was circulated first in forums and later in a couple of articles. According to the study, in vivo supra-physiological doses of trenbolone caused increased production of b-amyloid peptides that are linked to Alzheimers disease.  

There quite a few problems in trying to generalise and conclude that the mighty tren kills our brains. While its true that trenbolone (as well as all AAS) in large doses seem to initiate some apoptotic pathways those doses are not in actual organisms but mostly in a petri dish, where the bioavailability is extremely large and all and any other protective or otherwise metabolic pathways non existent. For example alcohol is exceptionally neurotoxic (much more so than any androgen), and in the absence of severe alcoholism its neurodegenerative effects cause no problems.

Moreover its known that specifically trenbolone antagonises the effects of corticosteroids, cause the production of IGF-1 which is a potent neuroprotective agent as well as other neutrophic factors. The conclusion would be that responsible use of trenbolone should at the very east pose no problems of that kind.